Australian Tel-Tec Introduces New NOYES® M210 QUAD OTDR to Australian Market

Australian Tel-Tec  has introduced the NOYES M210, a new “inspection-ready” hand held OTDR that offers better performance, higher functional integration and an improved user experience over current µOTDRs. The M210 incorporates the proven easy-to-learn, easy-to-use Touch and Test™ User Interface and supports English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish language displays, menus and user documents. The NOYES M210 is designed for testing and troubleshooting single-mode and multimode optical fibers in enterprise, transportation, campus and military communication networks.

“Private and public network operators require that installed fibers be certified to meet rigorous standards for insertion loss, fiber splice, bend profiles and end-face cleanliness,” explains Michelle Collier, Senior Product Manager of AFL’s Test and Inspection Division. “Because the M210 is the first OTDR in its size and price range that includes an integrated Optical Power Meter, an integrated Visual Fault Identifier and support for a high-resolution Digital FiberScope, it is the ideal choice for fiber installers everywhere.”

The M210 Touch and Test user interface simplifies job setup and review of results. It features rich file-naming capabilities and simple export of results to the Test Results Manager (TRM™) reporting application. The M210 offers powerful automatic test capabilities that greatly reduce human error as well as automatic Pass/Fail indicators that eliminate the need for costly retests.

The M210 has a dynamic range of 30 dB and a battery capacity that supports more than 16 hours of portable operation. It features a faster, more powerful processor and a display that provides excellent readability under all operating conditions. The M210 is available in a wide variety of test kits and configurations designed to meet the needs of independent contractors and professional installers.

Get full details and specs on the M210 here.  Like a demo?  Then contact us today.

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