Australian Tel-Tec & AFL Launches OFI-400HP for High Power Optical Networks

Australian Tel-Tec and AFL are introducing the NOYES® OFI-400HP, an Optical Fibre Identifier designed to simplify installation, maintenance, rerouting or restoration tasks in high power optical networks.  The OFI-400HP includes traffic and tone detection and low insertion loss that permits technicians to positively identify fibres without disrupting services. It also incorporates an optical power meter designed for use where power levels up to +33 dBm are present. Whenever power levels above +23 dBm are detected, the OFI-400HP warns users of the potential eye hazard and fibre damage associated with disconnecting, cutting or breaking the optical circuit.

“The OFI-400HP is ideal for use in Long-haul, Metro core and Metro access networks carrying CWDM, DWDM, analog video or other high power signals,” explains Ganesh Nakhawa, Product Line Manager at AFL’s Test and Inspection Division. “It is the only OFI on the market capable of measuring the high power levels present in these systems and the only OFI that warns users of the potential safety hazards associated with these networks.”

In addition to the new OFI-400HP, AFL also offers the OFI-400, which is optimised for use with bare, buffered, ribbon and jacketed fibre and the OFI-400C, optimized for jacketed fibre. All versions feature our unique optical head that eliminates the need for the array of fibre adapters required by other OFI’s.

The OFI-400HP is designed for the rigors of day-to-day field use.  It features rugged construction and includes built-in automatic self-test capability. Its compact size is easy to use in crowded fibre trays, racks and conduits.

Discover more about the Noyes OFI-400HP here

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