AFL Announces Enhanced Version of OFL280 FlexTester

Australian Tel-Tec and AFL announces the introduction of an enhanced OFL280 FlexTester family of all-in-one OTDR and Optical Loss test sets with ServiceSafe™ and Wave ID.  Each of the OFL280 FlexTesters includes a dual- or triple-wavelength OTDR plus integrated Optical Light Source (OLS), Optical Power Meter (OPM), and Visual Fault Locator (VFL) as standard features.  All models support OTDR and Optical Loss testing on point-to-point or FTTx PON links at both 1310 and 1550 nm. Additional models add 1490 nm OTDR and loss testing, and 1625 nm live fiber OTDR test capability.

With integrated PON Power Meter and ServiceSafe™ live fibre detection and measurement capability, the OFL280 FlexTester detects in-service FTTx PONs and prevents service-disrupting tests at 1310 or 1550 nm, while allowing non-disruptive, live fibre testing at 1625 nm.  Live testing is required to locate faults in customer drop fibres or between cascaded splitters on in-service PONs with distributed splitters.

The integrated OLS and OPM utilize Wave ID to support simultaneous multi-wavelength testing with automatic wavelength detection, cutting test time in half and eliminating setup errors. The OFL280’s integrated OLS and OPM also support tone generation and detection at 270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz.

Designed specifically with outside plant technicians in mind, OFL280 FlexTester models are truly handheld, rugged, and lightweight, weighing in at 0.8 kg (1.8 lbs) and measuring only 20 x 13 x 5 cm (8 x 5 x 2 in). All OFL280s provide “Instant On” power-up, operate for 10 hours on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, and include a high-contrast, backlit, transflective color LCD for superb viewing in both direct sunlight or dimly lit facilities.

“The OFL280 series has been built to meet the needs of outside plant technicians,” remarked Patrick Dobbins, Vice President and General Manager of The Light Brigade. “While its ease-of-use, rugged construction, and small size naturally appeal to installation crews, its capabilities and performance are optimized for today’s testing and troubleshooting requirements of new generation fibre networks.”

The enhanced OFL280 FlexTester models include end-to-end link length, loss, and optical return loss measurements, enabling rapid verification of overall link quality. With the addition of Japanese and Traditional Chinese user interfaces, OFL280 FlexTesters now support over a dozen languages to meet the needs of optical network installers worldwide.

Learn more about the OFL280 FlexTester here


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AFL Improves Segment-Leading M200 Micro-OTDR

AFL is launching the M200 with the new Touch and Test software designed to support installation and maintenance of enterprise fiber optic networks. The M200 is part of an expanding portfolio of AFL fiber optic test kits that now includes over 60 application-specific sets.

The M200 OTDR is offered in three models; single-mode, multimode and QUAD. Each model now includes Pass/Fail analysis of events and detailed job/file naming. These features save time during job setup, testing and creating acceptance reports. The M200 also adds fiber end-face inspection capability when used with the recently introduced DFS1 Digital FiberScope. M200 traces can be analyzed and included in detailed professional acceptance reports with end-face images using Test Results Manager™ (TRM).

“Network owners typically require installation companies to document completed installations of fibre networks,” explains Michelle Collier, Senior Product Manager of AFL’s Test and Inspection Division. “AFL’s M200 and TRM software help streamline the process from the job set up, to a quick and simple means to indicate, acquire and store bi-directional results, to the generation of detailed ‘pdf’ acceptance reports. “

Each M200 kit includes the OTDR with integrated VFL, tool free adapters, the innovative AFL One-Click Mini cleaner, AC power cord, soft or hard carry case, Quick Reference Guide and Users Guide and TRM software. The M200 and TRM are available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish


Learn more about the M200 here


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