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OFI400HP Fibre Identifier

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OFI400HP Fibre Identifier

The OFI-400HP is a rugged, hand-held and easy-to-use fibre optic test instrument designed to detect and measure the core power levels of optical signals on single-mode optical fibre without disrupting traffic on that fibre. The OFI-400HP is simply clamped onto a fibre and indicates the presence and direction of traffic, CW signals and 270, 330, 1000 and 2000 Hz test tones. It allows technical personnel to unambiguously identify a specific fibre and eliminates the risk of accidental disruption of revenue service. NOYES OLS7, OLS2, CSS1-SM and CSS1-MM Optical Light Sources are ideal companions for the OFI-400HP.


The OFI-400HP uses a unique optical head design featuring a 2-position plunger that enables it to be used with 2 mm and 3 mm jacketed fibre. Other brands of optical fibre identifiers require users to purchase, store and swap out optical plungers each time a different type of fibre is tested.

The OFI-400HP optical head induces a safe, repeatable macro-bend to the fibre that allows a small amount of light to escape for analysis. Thanks to the design of the optical head, the insertion loss induced by the macro-bend is too small to affect the signal on the fibre and the integrity of the fibre is unaffected by the measurement process.

NOYES OFI-400HP instruments are designed to be simple, easy-to-use and reliable. Each features and ergonomically-designed macro-bend trigger that is comfortable to use. An integrated, backlit display allows the OFI-400HP to be used in dimly lit spaces. Powered by 2 1.5V AAA batteries, the OFI-400HP can make thousands of fibre tests before needing battery replacement.


  • Insertion Loss: 0.5 dB @ 1310 nm
  • Detection Sensitivity: -40 dBm @1550 nm, 3 mm fibre
  • Power Measurement: +33 to -40 dBm @1550 nm, 3 mm fibre


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